A Glimpse of IKYEP

A Glimpse of IKYEP


Anneyong Haseyo. Naneun Farah Dina imnida, mannaseo bangawoyo.  Alright, that’s the only sentence I could enunciate fluently in Korea haha. I believe that all Kdrama and Kpop lovers can translate that properly, but let me do a proper introduction in case some of you do not understand Korean Language well just like me. My name is Farah Dina, I am a delegate from Aceh province for Indonesia-Korea Youth Exchange Program (IKYEP) in 2017. On this writing, I will share you a glimpse of IKYEP Program. So, let’s get started!

IKYEP program is held by The Ministry of Youth and Sport Republic of Indonesia cooperating with Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Republic of Korea. The main objective of this program is learning journey which focus on social and cultural aspect and utilize creative industries as the learning platform. Through the IKYEP program, the Ministry of Youth and Sport has been sending many Indonesian delegates to Korea since 2010. All alumnus from this program are still contributing to Indonesia by creating many programs in all over Indonesia under the alumni association named ‘AIKUNA’. You can check the latest updates of AIKUNA’s program by clicking this https://ikyep.org/aikuna/

The duration of IKYEP program in 2017 is 26 days, specifically 5 days for Pre-Departure Training, 10 days for Indonesian phase, 10 days for Korean phase and 1 days for re-entry. The IKYEP’s PDT training in my batch started on July 21st 2017. With other 17 delegates from other provinces of Indonesia, I enthusiastically joined my first day in the program. During the PDT, we prepared ourselves to be youth delegates of Indonesia. We got several classes to improve our knowledge as youth delegate as well as many other fun activities to tighten the bonding among all 18 delegates.

On Indonesian phase, 18 Korean delegates together with head of delegations, assistant head of delegations and translators arrived in Indonesia and we had welcoming dinner in Ambhara Hotel, South Jakarta. During this phase, every delegate of Indonesia had a counterpart from Korean delegate. The name of my counterpart is Song Minjeong. On that day, we got to know each other and shared many things. The following day, all the delegates from Indonesia and Korea had Courtesy Call in Korean-Embassy in Jakarta, Ministry of Youth and Sport and we also visited Jakarta Creative Hub before we were off to Manado, North Sulawesi to continue our Indonesian phase there.

Arriving in Manado, we were invited to a welcoming dinner by the Governor of North Sulawesi. There, we were presented North Sulawesi’s traditional dance, Maengket. We also got to taste the local dishes. I personally really enjoyed the dishes in North Sulawesi province and felt like I was home. It happened because most of the dishes served were fishes and they were cooked with spicy ingredients just like in Aceh province. Btw don’t mention about the famous ‘Cakalang’, I loveeee it a lot. haha


Figure 1 Workshop Traditional Dance



Figure 2 Bukit Kasih Kanonang


In Manado we had several other activities. We visited Bukit Kasih Kanonang, learned deeply about Manado history in ‘Museum Negeri Manado, studied about home industry in Rumah Adat Minahasa Woloan Tomohon, had a workshop about traditional dress, music and culture in Wale Budaya Ma’zani Minahasa, saw endemic animals and plans in Tandurusa, presented cultural performances in SMA 1 Manado and (the most unforgettable one for me) had a local family in homestay activity.  You can check our Indonesian phase on this link:


On August 4th 2017, we arrived in Incheon International Airport and were ready for the Korean phase. After having lunch in Hotel, we had the program orientation explanation by KYWA (Korean Youth Work Agency). In the program orientation session, we learned about the brief descriptions of the program, ethics in Korea and cross-cultural understanding. Then we visited ASEAN-Korean Centre to learn and have a discussion about cooperation between Korea and ASEAN Countries in the sectors of economic, politics and cultures. The next day, we have exchange program in Incheon with local youth. The following day, we went to Korean Folk Village in Yongin to learn the life of Korean in Joseon era. We continued our trip to MBC World to deepen our knowledge about Hallyu wave.


Figure 3 Kunjungan ke MBC World


Figure 4 Host Family

The other activities we had during the Korean phase were the gathering with Korean Youth to discuss and share cultures, Hongdae mission tour, courtesy call to Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and Indonesia Embassy in Korea, visiting National Museum of Korea Contemporary History and National Hangeul Museum, workshop NANTA, cultural performance in Gangneung, visiting Jade Garden, visiting Chuncheon Animation Museum, meeting and spending time with host family and visiting Insadong on the last day. On 13 August, we arrived in Indonesia and had the re-entry program in Ambhara Hotel and that was the end of the program. You can check the Korea and re-entry phase on the video below.


That was all for the glimpse of the IKYEP program. I would love to dedicate this writing to all of the IKYEP applicants. I do hope that this short writing will help you to deepen knowledge about the program. Lastly, I wish you all the best of lucks. Selamat berjuang semuanya, sampai jumpa di keluarga PCMI Aceh dan AIKUNA 😊

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